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Aug 20, 2017

XCOM 2: Digital Deluxe Edition [Update 9 + 6 DLC] (2016) PC size:38.86 GB | RePack by = nemos =
Released: February 5, 2016
Genre: Strategy (Real-time, Turn-based , Tactical), 3D
Developer: Firaxis Games
Publisher: 2K Games
Platform: PC
Version: / (Update 9)
Publication Type: Repack
Language: English,
Language: English

XCOM 2 is the continuation of XCOM's favorite strategy and critics: Enemy Unknown, which won the title of "Game of the Year" in 2012. The earth has changed. Twenty years have passed since world leaders signed the act of unconditional surrender to the newcomers. Organization XCOM, the last frontier of the Earth's defense, destroyed, and its remains are scattered throughout the world. In XCOM 2, the planet is ruled by aliens, building it up with sparkling cities and promising humankind a cloudless future. However, aliens secretly harbor sinister plans and destroy all those who refuse to live by the new rules. Only those who live on the outskirts of the new world have preserved the remnants of freedom. They gather with strength to fight back the invaders. Forced to constantly hide from the superior in strength of the enemy, the former XCOM agents are trying to revive their organization,

Xsom in the underground: become the captain of the "Avenger", the alien transport ship, converted into mobile headquarters XCOM. The new open world of the game gives you the opportunity to choose where to strike the next blow, how to enlist the support of the population and when to conduct special operations that frustrate the plans of the Advent.
Hire resistance fighters: five classes of fighters, each with its own unique talent tree, will allow you to create squads of soldiers whose skills are best suited for implementing your tactical plans.
Guerrilla tactics: the new game mechanics will give you more freedom in battles. Use cover to ambush enemy patrols and take the trophies from the corpses of defeated opponents. Save VIPs and wounded comrades in arms, dragging them into the evacuation zone.
A new generation of enemies: a variety of enemies, from new advanced alien species to the military "Advent", the chain dogs of the new regime, create tactical diversity on the battlefield.
Explore, produce and improve: design and build compartments on board the Avenger to gain excellence on the battlefield. Use scientists and engineers to explore, create and improve weapons and armor that are optimally suited to your fighting style.
Each task is unique in its own way: go to assignments around the world - from wild lands to the very center of alien-controlled cities and the depths of enemy complexes. You are waiting for virtually infinitely diverse combinations of maps, tasks and goals.
Create your own modifications: special gaming tools allow players to create their own campaigns, tactical and strategic gaming features, aliens and new classes of fighters, and then share them with the gaming community through the Steam workshop.
Join fierce fights with other players: create mixed teams of aliens and humans and battle with other players on randomly generated cards.

Reinforcement Pack
Resistance Warrior Pack
Anarchy's Children
War of the Chosen
Alien Hunters
Shen's Last Gift

Features of Repack:
Version of the game - / (Update 9)
Nothing recoded
Nothing is cut except for languages (all languages except for Russian and English are cut out)
Installing additional software (optional)
There are released DLC
After installation, the game takes ~ 65 GB
Installation ~ 35 min
Release from = nemos =

Description of installation and startup:
Run the setup.exe file
Install, following the prompts of the installer
After the successful installation, the game is ready to be launched ...
If at start XCOM 2: War of the Chosen in the game red screen, press Esc on keyboard - The last menu - Play.

System requirements:
☑OS: Windows® 7, 64-bit
☑Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz, Phenom Quad Core 2.6 GHz
☑ Video card : 1GB Radeon HD 5770, GeForce GTX 460 or better
☑ Disk space : 63.6 GB

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