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    Modbus Slave

    Modbus Slave | Size: 2.24 MB Language: English Modbus Slave is for simulating up to 32 slave devices in 32 windows!. Speed up your PLC programming with this simulating tools. Start programming and test before you receive your slave device from supplier. Data contained with any open...
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    Vero Machining Strategist 2020.0.1923

    Vero Machining Strategist 2020.0.1923 | 293.8 mb Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division is pleased to announce the release of Vero Machining Strategist 2020.0.1923, is a powerful 3D CAM product that generates optimum roughing and finishing CNC toolpaths from the complex shapes generated...
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    Vero Alphacam 2020.0.1923

    Vero Alphacam 2020.0.1923 | 3.2 Gb The ALPHACAM Team is pleased to announce the availability of Vero Alphacam 2020.0 SU 1923. One of the major highlights of the latest release , are enhancements to the Post-processor engine, delivering what is described as best-in-class cutting edge technology...