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    VovSoft Machine Learning Requester 1.0

    File size: 3.1 MB Vovsoft Machine Learning Requester is a user-friendly solution that simplifies the interaction between users and AI servers, making it effortless to execute machine learning models and obtain valuable results. Screen : What's New official site does not provide any info...
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    macOS Big Sur 11.2 for Virtual Machine

    MacOS Big Sur 11 installed image for virtual machines | File Size: 11.11 GB VMware virtual machine with macOS Big Sur installed. Apple introduced macOS Big Sur, the latest version of one of the most advanced desktop operating systems. The great design of macOS Big Sur has changed significantly...
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    Siemens Tecnomatix Machine Configurator

    Siemens Tecnomatix Machine Configurator | 24.1 mb The program for creating verification schemes of machine tools (kinematic model of the machine, CSE-driver, postprocessor), within allows you to create and edit MCF and CCF files to create CSE-drivers of machine tools. The basic...