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    Toad for SAP Solutions

    Free Download Toad for SAP Solutions | 264 MB Improve SAP database development, administration and performance. Take advantage of simple-to-use query builders and SQL editors, data-modeling functionality, powerful SAP database tuning, maintenance- and change-management tools, easy...
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    SAP PowerDesigner SP05 (x64)

    SAP PowerDesigner SP05 (x64) x64 | File Size: 1.36 GB Description PowerDesigner is a leading SAP application management for architecture, data and architecture information and architectural organization and modeling data . This software is capable with most programming environments...
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    SAP Crystal Reports 2016 SP07

    SAP Crystal Reports 2016 SP07 File Size: 858 MiB The SAP product team is pleased to announce the availability of Crystal Reports 2016 SP07 (version is designed to work with your database to help you analyze and interpret important information. Crystal Reports makes it easy to...