‘Incoboto’ Developer Fluttermind Releases Text-Based Horror Game ‘The Horns’


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Dec 22, 2015
Back in the day, otherwise known as March of 2012, developer Dene Carter aka Fluttermind released the atmospheric puzzle adventure Incoboto on the iPad. We loved it in our review, and later that year the game came to the smaller screen of the iPhone and the iPod touch as a version titled Incoboto Mini. Sadly, the Incoboto games were lost to the 32-bit Appocalypse and are no longer available in the App Store (more on that in a minute). Since then, Fluttermind has worked on several smaller projects, as well as one BIG project that’s sort of in development limbo right now, and this week he has released one of those smaller side projects to the App Store. It’s called The Horns ($1.99), and it’s a text-based choose-your-own-adventure type of game with light RPG elements and an absolutely awesome ambient soundtrack.

Talking about the creation of The Horns in our forums, Fluttermind says “I made it because I’ve always loved creating worlds and I wanted to see if I could use only text and minimal graphics (along with my trademark weird ambient music, of course) to conjure one up." I think he has definitely succeeded. He also says The Horns is good old-fashioned “premium-ware" and there will be “no sales, no sudden price-drops, no bait-and-switches" so it’s nice to know you can still buy something on the App Store nowadays with some confidence. Another very interesting tidbit that came up in that forum discussion is what the future holds for Incoboto. To that Fluttermind says “I gave Inco to another company to get it out there again. They’re trying something interesting with how they’re packaging it up, so it’s going to be alive again in some form." I am VERY interested to see what that might mean, but in the meantime I’m enjoying The Horns very much and if you enjoy horror fiction you should definitely give it a shot as well.

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