'2K Drive' Pulled from App Store, Online Features Shutting Down Soon


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
2K Games' 2K Drive has been pulled from the App Store, and is getting its online features shut down later this year, according to 2K. The game will see its Game Center logins and IAP disabled starting on February 12th, with the servers eventually going offline on April 13th. Players with balances in the game will be able to spend their currency until the April shutoff, but once the online component's gone, it can't be used. The game still has an offline component to it, so it's not entirely dead, but the future isn't exactly bright for this game.

While there's probably fair enough reasons to shut this off, and it's not entirely dead, it doesn't exactly leave a good taste in people's mouths. It's why the Game Insight strategy of not shutting down older games so as not to anger those loyal players might be smarter. Plus, it's not like mobile gamers have a positive opinion of 2K right now, either – BioShock still hasn't been fixed, after all. And if an iOS update breaks 2K Drive? I mean, crazier things have happened, but I wouldn't hold out hope.

[h/t: Brett Nolan of AppAddict.net]

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