A Mobile Port of Stylish Side-Scrolling Action Game 'ICEY' Has Hit the App Store


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Released on Steam in November of last year and PlayStation 4 this past August, ICEY [$2.99] is a stylish side-scrolling action game that has just surprise released in the App Store. This falls into the realm of yet another Steam game that I've never heard of before that's apparently quite critically acclaimed, and now that it's shown up on iOS I finally have the chance to experience it. ICEY reminds me quite a bit of the incredible Dust: An Elysian Tail [$5.99] in that combat is fast and heavily focused on cool combos and special moves, but the game takes place on a 2D side-scrolling plane. There's also quite an interesting narrative in ICEY, as the omnipresent narrator is constantly guiding you and telling you what to do, but you can choose to defy its instructions and branch out into areas on your own.

I've only spent just a few brief minutes with the iOS version of ICEY so it's hard to make a final judgment, but at the very least I'm having a blast with it so far. It's a super stylish game and, much like Dust, the combat is incredibly satisfying. The virtual controls seem to work well enough too. So if you've somehow still got money left after all the incredible game releases these past few weeks, and you enjoy character action style games, then you can grab this new iOS version of ICEY for just $2.99 with no IAP and you can find more impressions from other early players in the game's discussion thread in our forums.

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