Aeon Timeline 3.3.12 (x64)


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Aeon Timeline 3.3.12 (x64) | 128 Mb

Build Interactive Timelines. Model anything from a product roadmap to a fictional universe.
Find insights with clear visuals
Visually compare timelines for different people or concepts. Quickly see assignments and connections.
Be more productive
See all your data in one place. Different views help take your project from brainstorming to building.
Story timelines
Craft a compelling story timeline. Build detailed backstories to strengthen your characters and Description.
Litigation Chronologies
Build a precise case chronology. See your case clearly. Find the facts that strengthen your argument.
Project timelines
Create schedules and roadmaps everyone can understand. Assign responsibilities and clearly see everyone's workloads.
Historical timelines
Build data rich timelines for researchers and students. Connect events to theories and movements. Add images, notes, and links.
Perfect your message
Shape your timeline into a story Description, legal argument, or educational course. Evolve your ideas into a presentable project.
Unparalleled time and date handling
Record times down to the second, or use broad tentative dates. Create dependent tasks or tie events to each other.
System Requirements:
Windows 7+ (64-bit only, ARM-based Windows not supported)
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