An Abu Dhabi hotel offers 1.2Gbps internet speed to its guests


GSMArena News
Having internet at the hotel you're staying in is somewhat of an expected feature, however, as most of you will surely agree, having an actually working connection is a rarity, let alone one that is free and has adequate bandwidth to do a bit more than check your mail. Hitting all of the above might be considered a godsend by a lot of people working on the go, now more than ever with remote working environments and teleconferencing. Enter the Jannah Burj Al Sarab in Abu Dhabi, which boasts a downstream connection of 1.2 Gbps. This crowns the service as the fastest found within a hotel (and faster than what's available in most homes for that matter). According to the hotel management, the improved speeds come as a result of a recent network upgrade, prior to which the establishment could only boast around 240 Mbps - still a ridiculously good result when compared to your average hotel Internet...