Apple guides you through what you already know in a new Apple Pay video


GSMArena News
Nov 9, 2015
Apple has posted a video on its official YouTube channel, promoting the use of its mobile payment service. The Apple Pay walk-through reminds users of the system's benefits in terms of ease of use and security. Compatible terminals in physical stores or in-app purchases, it's equally easy and happens with a simple touch on the, well, TouchID. The video goes on to point out how straightforward the setup process is by guiding viewers on how to add a new bank card. Ironically, the how-to wraps up with an acknowledgment that "you already knew that". We're guessing the timing of the video's release has a lot to do with Apple Pay's expansion to new territories and the need for educating early adopters there - the service was launched in Canada earlier this week, and in Australia just...