Apple is banning Google from distributing internal iOS applications

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Nov 30, 2015
Facebook's not the only one feeling Apple's heat.

Earlier this week, Apple made a bold move by banning Facebook from distributing any of its internal iOS apps. Google quickly responded by choosing to disable its Screenwise Meter internal app, but that apparently wasn't enough. Now, it's been reported that Apple has also chosen to ban Google from its internal app distribution.

According to a report from The Verge:

Apple has now shut down Google's ability to distribute its internal iOS apps, following a similar shutdown that was issued to Facebook earlier this week. A person familiar with the situation tells The Verge that early versions of Google Maps, Hangouts, Gmail, and other pre-release beta apps have stopped working today, alongside employee-only apps like a Gbus app for transportation and Google's internal cafe app.

Neither Google nor Apple has commented on this news, but it's a big move nonetheless.

Shortly following Apple's ban of Facebook, the company noted that:

Any developer using their enterprise certificates to distribute apps to consumers will have their certificates revoked.

It was already pretty evident that Apple was serious about these rules when it banned Facebook, and the banning of Google is further evidence of that point.

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