Apple was the top Flickr camera this year


GSMArena News
Nearly one-third of the total photos uploaded to Flickr this year were captured using iPhones, making Apple the top Flickr camera in 2015. This was revealed by the photo sharing service in its Year in Review data for the year. Apple overtook Cannon, whose share dropped to around 20% in 2015. The first five spots in Flicker's this year's Top Cameras list were bagged by Apple's phones, including the iPhone 6, 5s, 5, 4s, 4, and 6 Plus. Some Samsung phones also made it to the list, although not in the top 10 - Galaxy S4 (11), S5 (13), and S III (19). Overall share of Samsung's handsets stood at 3.8%. The full report, which also has many other interesting stats like camera brand pairings, can be accessed by heading to the Source link...