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Autodesk Netfabb Premium 2019 R1 | 1.4 Gb
Autodesk Inc. has released Netfabb 2019 R1. There are some significant enhancements, but the big news is the update to latticing, the new "CAD-friendly" interface, new machines integrations, and some updates to Netfabb simulation to speed up your process and improve the accuracy of your results.

What's New in Autodesk Netfabb 2019.1 - December 04, 2018:

Latticing updates:
Netfabb 2019 brought manual latticing to customers subscribing at the Premium tier and now with 2019.1, Lattice Commander is live and out of tech preview, which means manual lattice editing is now fully functional. Also, for those subscribing to Netfabb Ultimate with access to Optimization Utility, you can now manually edit those FEA optimized lattices. Here are the highlights:
- Improved skin generation for clean hollowing of models.
- Tetrehedral mesh export to simplify validation workflows in external simulation packages.
- Improved usability with drag & drop functionality of bodies between components.
- Direct push from Optimization Utility: Edit nodes and beams of FEA optimized lattices in Lattice Commander
New "CAD-friendly" Interface:
Bridging the gap from design to manufacturing is one way we hope to make your jobs a little easier. With Netfabb 2019.1, you are presented with a new UI ribbon that should be more intuitive for those of you working in CAD, plus you will see the familiar view cube and in-canvas manipulators. Don't love change? That's okay too. Upon launch of Netfabb, you have the opportunity to revert back to the traditional menu you already know.
Automation Scripting:
Lua scripting available in Netfabb Ultimate can be a life saver for those repetitive tasks. Now with 2019.1, you will find new scripts for Lane Packing and Multi-Tray Packing.
Machine Integration:
Many Netfabb releases include new machine workspaces and 2019.1 is no exception. You will now find that Netfabb can control all Arcam machines, that workspaces for all existing SLM Solutions machines have been updated, and workspaces have been added for the newest models: SLM 280.2 and SLM 800. New workspaces have also been introduced for the Xact metal XM200C and XM200S and the Sinterit Pro Lisa. Netfabb has integrated workspaces for over 100 machines, for every AM process - Learn more here.
A lot of validation and testing goes into Netfabb simulation with the goal of successful metal additive prints the first time. 2019.1 introduces a few new updates to help:
- New material-based heat loss approximation. Previously you could choose between general heat loss approximation or material-specific heat loss approximation. This new simulation applies a material specific coefficient to give you increased accuracy without taking the time to model and mesh your powder.
- Global Recoater Status Results: A new simulation type, you can now view results for recoater blade interference across the complete model in cases where recoater interference exists on multiple Z-heights
- DED results viewing: Quickly jump to relevant results to save time post-processing DED simulations with the option to quickly change visualized results by Z-height, layer, time or result increment
- Cloud simulation improvements: Cloud simulation was introduced earlier this year and now improvements have been made for cloud-based distortion compensation, faster cloud calculations and reduced results wait time.

Other Updates:
With this update, you'll also see.
- Support Module Improvements: Tested support scripts, tapered volume supports, fully automatic support update as parts are moved or rotated, and usability improvements
- Custom Scene templates: Define custom start-up conditions for different machines.
- Slice Distribution Statistics: Graph showing distribution of contour area through Z-axis provides a quick overview where closed contours (indicating a fully exposed area) are located across the slice stack.
- Automatic base plate creation: Create a foundation or "raft" for parts based on their contour.

For a walk-through some of the major new features and enhancements available with this release, watch the video below.

About Autodesk Netfabb. Autodesk Netfabb additive manufacturing software helps you quickly get from a 3D model to successfully printed parts. Designed for production environments, Netfabb provides efficient build preparation capabilities alongside tools for optimizing designs for additive manufacturing, simulating metal additive processes, and planning for post-printing CNC operations to help you reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve part performance.

Autodesk Netfabb software is split in to three different packages:

- Netfabb Standard: Allows you to quickly prepare models for additive manufacturing and 3D printing.
- Netfabb Premium: Plan near net shapes for CNC post-processing, create advanced build supports and automatically pack parts.
- Netfabb Ultimate: Optimise designs for additive manufacturing, using advanced latticing and topology optimisation tools.

About Autodesk. Autodesk helps people imagine, design and create a better world. Everyone-from design professionals, engineers and architects to digital artists, students and hobbyists-uses Autodesk software to unlock their creativity and solve important challenges.

Product: Autodesk Netfabb
Version: 2019 R1 Premium
Supported Architectures: x64
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Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer
Size: 1.4 Gb

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