Avid Pro Tools HD v12.5.0.395 WiN x64


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Avid Pro Tools HD v12.5.0.395 WiN x64 | 894 Mb
Get the most powerful DAW in the audio industry. Advance your workflow and capabilities with Pro Tools | HD. Your creative opportunities have never sounded better.

If you're a sound editor or designer, precision and speed are paramount when it comes to aligning and editing clips. Now clips take on a translucent appearance whenever you move and overlap one over another, giving you better visual clarity of their context. This enables you to quickly align the waveforms of a new audio clip to the visual cues of an existing one's waveforms with much better precision and ease.
Get the sounds of the most coveted stompboxes with access to 16 bonus stompbox effect plug-ins through your Annual Upgrade and Support Plan. Shred with realistic emulations of the Pro Co Rat, Ibanez Tube Screamer, and Big Muff Pi distortion pedals. Go retro with the unmistakable sounds of the Cry Baby wah and Leslie rotary speaker. And get reverb, delay, and other vintage sounds. They're not just for guitars-you can use these plug-ins to enhance any type of track.
Fading tracks is one of the fundamentals of audio editing. But it can be tedious and time consuming when editing thousands of audio clips. With new fade enhancements, you can speed through repetitious tasks and gain more time to focus on the creative aspects of your mix. Create and tweak presets for fade ins, fade outs, crossfades, and batch fades. Recall presets directly from your keyboard or control surface. And control fade settings independently when working with batch fades.
Got Pro Tools | HD Native? Get the warmth and sonic characteristics of an analog console "in the box." With the latest version of Pro Tools | HD software, you can now run our HEAT add-on option natively. No DSP cards required. With HEAT, you can achieve the unmistakable sound of using prized vintage gear in your mixes-without the expense or upkeep.
Nobody's perfect. But you can create the perfect take. Record pristine sound-at up to 32-bit/192 kHz-with a supported audio interface. Get near-zero latency with Pro Tools | HDX and HD Native for easier recording. Let spontaneity shine by tracking multiple passes of a section. Replace questionable sections non-destructively with QuickPunch recording. And create that flawless take by comping together the best performances.
AudioUTOPiA's Pro Tools release gives you flexibility like no other release:
* no drivers needed for stock plugins and release
* startup performance and project load times much much faster
* load any AAX you like, original or patched
* load any VST you like in combination with R2R's TransVST release and AudioUTOPiA's special post process fix tool
* Mp3 Exports
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