Battle the supernatural in Rebellion’s latest PS4 adventure Strange Brigade


I can’t believe it’s nearly E3 again! Safe to say we’re all basking in the glow of some really exciting new game announcements and teases … but now it’s our turn! Today we’re announcing a brand new Rebellion game for PlayStation 4: Strange Brigade!

Rather than describe it to you I’ll let the announcement trailer do the talking, and give you a little more detail below.

Still with us? Did that jump scare get you? Spiffing!

I’m hoping you’re sitting there thinking “Aha! It’s an action game featuring temples, mummies and adventure! Tell me more!” Well, you’re in luck …

Here are five important things to take from the trailer:

1. The setting

At the start of the trailer you might have spotted a tatty world map which looked rather out of date. That’s because Strange Brigade is set in the 1930s “inter-war” period, a time when technology was opening up even the darkest, hardest to reach corners of the globe …

2. The environments

What would a globe-trotting adventure be without some beautiful places to visit? Strange Brigade sees you traversing through unexplored regions of Egypt, forgotten temples, yawning tombs, twisting canyons and suspiciously empty archaeological dig sites …

3. The inspirations

And yes, that wonderful old timey serial-movie voice over from the trailer will feature prominently in the game too! Strange Brigade doesn’t take itself too seriously, with a fourth-wall breaking narrator and nods to iconic media from the time, from classic Saturday matinees to King of The Rocket Men, Flash Gordon, Boy’s Own adventures and more! We think it’s got a style all of its own.

4. The … mummies?

Yep, your eyes weren’t deceiving you that’s a mummy alright, and lots of them. Fight-back-to-back against legions of mythological menaces of all shapes and sizes unleashed by an ancient Egyptian Queen so unfathomably evil she was wiped from the hieroglyphs…

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5. The Strange Brigade

But who are these four rather dashing characters after which the game is named? We’ll be revealing all very soon, but safe to say they all have very interesting backgrounds, recruited from far corners of the British Empire for their unique skills in the fight against the supernatural…

Thanks for reading and look out for exclusive gameplay direct from E3 from 13th June!

‘Til then …

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