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What are the best accessories for the Google Pixel 2?

The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL is Google's second go at making a premium smartphone for the masses, and it's earning high praise based on first impressions. But the true value of a phone is proven by its longevity and adaptability.

We're talking accessories and this early on — just days after the initial launch — the pickings are slim. But with Google introducing a 'Made for Google' certification partnership with a wide range of accessory manufacturers we're sure to see a good selection of accessories available as we get closer to shipping dates.

As it stands at the moment, the best place to find certified Pixel 2 accessories is straight from the source. The Google Store has some of its proprietary accessories available alongside third-party products, but nearly half of what's currently listed is not yet available for purchase. We'll be updating this article as more accessories go on sale.

Google-designed cases

Google has partnered with a number of different case manufacturers to get accessories certified as 'Made for Google', just another way for Pixel 2 owners to be confident in their accessory purchases.

Right now, there's a limited number of third-party accessories available, but If you're planning to order your phone straight from the source you should check out the cases designed in-house by Google.

Best Cases for the Google Pixel 2

For the Google Live cases there are two case types to choose between — a slim one-piece shell or a more rugged dual-layer case. No matter which you go with, you get to customize the back of your Pixel 2 with a stunning shot from your own photo roll, from Google Earth, or sample a work of art.

Each Google Earth case can be paired with a matching live wallpaper for a cohesive look around your device that just looks gorgeous. And if you opt for the dual-layer case, you'll be getting enhanced drop protection when compared to a single-layer case. Find yours starting at $50.

Another compelling option is the Google Fabric Cases which brings the look and most importantly the feel of that fabric finish found on other Google products, like the Home Mini and Daydream View. These cases offer a premium microfiber liner and will keep your Pixel 2 looking like a standout device no matter which color combination you decide on. They're also available for $50.

See at Google Store

Moment Photo Case & Wide Lens Kit

Photography is a big feature on the Pixel line, and the Pixel 2's camera is positioned to be the best on the market. If you're #teampixel, get ready to take your photos to the next level with the Moment Photo case, which lets you quickly and securely attach peripheral lenses to enhance the Pixel 2's already outstanding camera setup.

Google is selling the Moment Photo case which includes a 18mm wide-angle lens made from premium materials that let the Pixel 2 camera capture more in crystal clarity. The case itself is pretty basic as a phone protector, but the lens is top-notch and accounts for the majority of the $130 price tag you can bet that this case is mostly a vessel for the high-quality camera lenses that Moment makes for mobile.

Check out Moment for more fancy camera lenses for your fancy new phone — Macro, Telephoto, and Super Fisheye. Quite the investment, but might be worth it if you want to add some uniqueness to your 'Gram game.

See at Google Store

Google Pixel Buds

With the Pixel 2 ditching the headphone jack, it came as little surprise that Google would unveil its own wireless headphones alongside its new phones. And the Pixel Buds look like a compelling option for anyone in need of a fresh new pair of Bluetooth headphones — with advanced smarts built in!

If you watched the event, you were likely just as blown away by the Pixel Buds demo where they showed how you can trigger the Google Assistant with a quick tap, and how the buds can be used with Google's translation abilities that allow you to instantly start translating up to 40 supported language into English which sounds like an earbud version of the Babel Fish from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

In other words, these are the coolest earbuds for Pixel 2 owners to match the look and feel of your phone, along with a stylish carrying case that also intelligently pairs your earbuds with you open the case. They're not yet available for purchase but if you're interested in them you can join the waitlist.

See at Google Store

USB-C Digital to 3.5mm headphone adapter

You may notice that a number of these accessory recommendations are centralized around coping with the loss of the headphone jack, a feature which many still consider an essential smartphone feature. Google will be including a headphone adapter with the new phones, but look at that thing — assuming you're not going to keep it plugged in all the time, there's a good chance of this thing getting lost.

If that happens, you may need to bite the bullet and get a new one — for $20. Might be a good idea to buy a spare from the get-go and keep it in a safe place.

See at Google Store

Moshi USB-C to 3.5mm Adapter/Charger

So it happened — Google has ditched the headphone jack. Everyone gets a headphone jack adapter with the phone, but maybe you need both ports. That makes an accessory like the Moshi USB-C to 3.5mm a necessary purchase for anyone who requires or prefers a wired connection.

This is another one of those accessories that's only listed on the Google Store as "Coming Soon". If you're for sure getting a Google Pixel 2 and you enjoy wearing headphones while your phone is charging at your desk this is going to be an accessory to keep an eye on — but it's also $45, so… I guess we can officially stop with the Apple dongle jokes.

See at Google Store

18W USB-C Power Adapter

It's always a good idea to stick with the charging accessories that came with your phone, and especially so with the claims Google has made regarding the Pixel 2 — seven hours of battery life after just 15 minutes on the juice.

Since you're probably gonna need some extra charging accessories anyways, you can't go wrong doubling up on the 18W USB-C Power Adapter. Of course, we'll be keeping an eye out for any certified 27W chargers that might offer even quicker charging speeds.

See at Google Store

What sorts of accessories are you looking for?

Are you getting a Google Pixel? What are the go-to accessories you buy alongside a new phone? Let us know in the comments!

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