Bing for Android update brings it on par with iOS app, new design and features are in


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Microsoft has updated its Bing app for Android today, finally bringing it on par with the iOS version. This means the Android app has received a big redesign (which you can see in the screenshots below), as well as many new features. You can scan barcodes for products, and you'll get prices and customer reviews from big online retailers. If you search for "gas" or go to the Near Me section and select the Gas bubble you'll get fresh gas prices for your area. Then you can easily navigate to the station you're interested in. The redesigned home page requires just one tap to get to lists of restaurants, movies, images, videos, maps, deals, and attractions near you. Swiping up from the bottom lets you check out the current weather conditions and stay up to date with the major news stories of the day. The new Bing for Android is already available in the Google Play Store. Source |...