Charming 'Blocky Farm' Releasing October 26th, Probably the Closest to 'Stardew Valley'...


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Farm management games are the bees knees currently, especially after the success of Stardew Valley on PC and Switch. Mobile devices won't be left behind the trend, though, as Blocky Farm, the super-charming farm management game, is finally releasing October 26th after quite a long time in development. Specifically, the voxel-based farm management game has you building and customizing your farm, making friends with the locals, taking care of cute pets and animals—including giving them all kinds of fun gadgets or just playing with them to pass the time—completing all kinds of different missions, and even rampaging around in a tractor if that's what you feel like doing.

This free-to-play game has both online and offline modes, which I know many of you will be happy about, and also lets you compete with other farmers in all kinds of global events. The game's visuals are really charming, and there's a ton of content waiting for you to explore. The developers have been very active in our forums throughout the game's development, so if you want to find out more about the game and read about the developers' future plans (hint: they include fishing boats), head over here. Until Stardew Valley comes to mobile (if it does), Blocky Farm is probably going to be the next best thing.

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