Check Out a New Video of 'Time Recoil' Running on iOS


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Time Recoil is the newest top-down shooter from developer 10tons, and is something of a spiritual successor to their absolutely killer top-down shooter Neon Chrome [appprice url=", which has enjoyed much acclaim both on desktop and mobile. Just last week we learned that 10tons would be bringing Time Recoil, which just launched on desktop last month and on PS4 and Xbox One earlier this month, to the iOS platform. Along with that announcement was a brief video showing the game running on an iPad, but today 10tons has posted another video of Time Recoil on iOS, this time captured directly from the device rather than filmed over someone's shoulder. Check it out.

It looks like Time Recoil on iOS will be pretty faithful to its desktop and console counterparts in terms of fancy visuals and effects. One of the biggest changes with the mobile version is a switch to a single-stick and an auto-aim implementation, which should make it more friendly to control on touchscreens and allow players to focus on the game's major hook: Timing your kills to pull off epic slow-motion combos. The game is nearly complete and currently 10tons is running a small beta test with some folks from our forums to iron out any last minute issues, so hopefully it won't be too long until we're all playing Time Recoil on our iOS devices.

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