Community Update - March 2016

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Hi Console Bang users!
This is our March update for our Console Bang users!

We have added a couple of new features and done some things behind the scenes. You may notice the new features but lets say they aren't amazing, just handy little things.

We will be looking for some active staff members now so if you'd like to apply, check out how to at
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- Anyone can apply!

Improvements happening this month:-
  • More forum sections yet to be added! (To improve the range of things we offer here!)
  • New theme is currently is still being beta tested, sorry for the slow release but we will release it!!
  • More VIP stuff for VIP members, just improve the experience as a whole
  • Any suggestions? Just drop me a message with the suggestion. I will make a designated forum area soon!
  • More to be confirmed...
The Issues we had last month!:-
  • CID source went down from 4th February to 20th February

Remember Console Bang VIP has also arrived, if you want to buy, go and buy here
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- You will get a free VPS server and more for one month! Just pay and contact me and I'll give you your freebies! Including GTA menus (paid ones) and more! You can change your name, and access the VIP content straight away!

If you need any support just visit
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Please can you help spread the word about Console Bang? Free VIP is up for grabs if you refer 10 people!

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of this month!

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