Notice Community Update - May 2019

Hope everyone is doing well!

Just thought I’d let you all know that there has been a Forum upgrade here, so their will be some things like Credits and other little things missing for the near future. I am just in the process of upgrading them all so they are compatible. - We have also lost our theme and style for the site, as they have corrupted and are incompatiable with the new version. I and @MysticCFW are working towards the new one and will be realised shortly.

I do also apologise for the downtime that has been caused of Console Bang recently, the datacentre have been messing around with our servers and we had to start all of them again, restoring from the latest backups, so no data has been lost, although we had a week downtime. I will be putting more work into Console Bang so it becomes one of the best gaming forums out there!

You can also find out the status of Console Bang at

I am looking to make this forum grow and become bigger and better! So I hope you can all help me with the journey to that!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!