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DameWare Remote Support (x86/x64) | Languages: English
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DameWare Remote Support (DIS) is an affordable and easy-to-use systems administration and remote IT support tool that allows you to simplify and accelerate customer support. Wherever your end-users are located, you can remotely access their systems with the built-in DameWare Mini Remote Control software, and use the system tools on the DameWare Remote Support console to provide faster remote assistance.

Remotely control desktops, laptops & servers
Remote support software for Windows®, Mac OS® X and Linux® computers. Share screens, chat, transfer files and initiate MRC, RDP or VNC sessions.

Securely access computers outside the firewall
Provide remote support to users anywhere, with the DameWare Central Server & Internet Proxy.

Centrally manage users, licenses and host lists
Manage users and permissions with Active Directory® synchronization, create and share global host lists, and control and activate licenses.

Support end-users from your iOS® and Android™ device
With the included mobile app, you can provide support from an Android smartphone or tablet, or iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad.

Perform Windows administration tasks remotely
Troubleshoot remotely without initiating full remote control sessions. Restart services & processes, edit registries, view & clear event logs, and more.

Manage multiple Active Directory domains
Unlock user accounts, reset passwords, organizational units and groups, and edit group policies from one interface.

Release Notes

New features and improvements in Dameware
Dameware 12.2 offers new features and improvements compared to previous releases of Dameware.

- Dameware 12.2 provides enhanced security over Dameware 12.1.2.
- The HTTPS Strict Transport Security header is now included in the Dameware proxy server.
- Starting with Dameware 12.2, TLS 1.1 is deprecated, so only TLS 1.2 or later versions are supported.
- Dameware now supports Microsoft Windows Server 2019.
- Removed dependency on MS XML 6.0 SP1.

System Requirements
- OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11
- Server: Windows Server 2008 R2*, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019
- Hard drive space: 150 MB
- CPU: 1 GHz
- RAM: 4 GB


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