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The Datamine product team is pleased to announce the availability of Datamine Studio UG, is a comprehensive solution for mine design, scheduling and optimisation that allows the rapid, automatic generation of mining activities from design elements.

What's New for Datamine Studio UG 1.0:
Studio UG is a new product from Datamine - it represents one of the Studio family of products, sitting alongside Studio RM, Studio OP and Studio EM.
Studio UG contains functionality for both medium- and short-term planning of underground mines. A typical target audience would include underground mining engineers, mine planners and resource geologists.
Studio UG has a range of functionality for underground mine planning including:
- Mineable Shape Optimizer - the latest and most capable version of MSO to date - see "Main Messages" below for more information.
- Powerful 2D and 3D visualization functions, as popularized by Studio RM, EM and OP.
- Tools for underground design and the generation of mining surfaces.
- Data analysis and evaluation tools, including Datamine's Mineable Reserves Optimizer module.
- A rich suite of data drivers to support the import and export of data in multiple industry-standard formats
Main Messages for Datamine Studio UG 1.0
Studio UG builds on the strengths of the Datamine product range, and benefits from improvements and features already popular with Studio product users.
Version 1.0 focusses on stope optimization functionality, which is provided courtesy of Studio UG's Mineable Shape Optimization (MSO) engine. Version 1.0 contains the latest version of this function, which extends previous MSO functionality available in other Studio products, including the following key enhancements.
- Support for "slice" framework configurations: optimizes strike-by-height/width projections of stope-shapes in the transverse orebody direction.
- Support for "prism" frameworks: applicable to massive orebodies or wide/thick deposits whose stopes tend to be designed by blocking out the orebody in a grid-like pattern.
- Enhanced stope naming functionality, fully integrated with MSO's 3D data labelling framework.
- New conditional simulation options, including options for Multiple Indicator Kriging analysis.
- Full control over MSO scenarios with detailed control over stope geometry and solving parameters, including enhanced support for 6- and 8-point stope shapes.
- Even more scenario run management features, including a powerful batch-process facility to process MSO runs and sensitivity studies in a predefined order.
- Data viewing, analysis and reporting functions with an informative user interface to give you an unequivocal view of progress and important feedback


About Datamine Studio UG. Studio UG is the brand new technology leading the way for integrated design and scheduling in underground mines. Extensive automation of data preparation delivers an extremely efficient and robust system for delivering design data to your scheduling environment. Mine standards are incorporated in templates, and multiple users can work on portions of the mine simultaneously. Studio UG is dynamically linked to EPS, the intuitive Gantt chart scheduling application that is used to apply practical constraints such as work calendars and equipment resource levelling.

About Datamine. Datamine is a world leading provider of mining software technology and services that are required to plan, manage and optimize mining operations. Our solutions span the entire value chain across exploration geology, geostatistics, resource modelling, mine planning and operations management. We provide high quality implementation, training and advisory consulting services to ensure that our customers leverage their technology investment to its full potential.
Product: Datamine Studio UG
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