DBeaver Community Edition 4.2.3 (x86/x64)


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DBeaver is a comprehensive and effective software solution geared towards developers and database administrators who need to manage and organize tables, triggers, views and stored procedures from multiple databases. Irrespective of the database you choose to work with, here referring to MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 and Firebird, the application comes in handy for users who need to handle multiple connections, thus organizing and editing various database objects including indexes, user accounts and scripts.

An intuitive and user-friendly interface

Once you launch the application for the first time, it will automatically scan the entire computer and display the existing connections (if they are available).

In case you want to create a new connection, simply access the proper option, choose the database you are interested it, then set the login credentials (optionally, specify the ODBC drivers if they are required).

After that, DBeaver displays all of the identified databases and users for the current connection. A new tab, entitled Projects, will become available in the left panel of the program from where you can easily access the database object you want and view its data.

For instance, if you double click on a specific table, the right panel will display all the necessary information such as available columns, pre-defined constraints and foreign keys, references, triggers, indexes and the proper CREATE DDL statement (also known as Data definition language).

Practical SQL editor and query execution commands

Considering the main purpose for which it was designed for, DBeaver comes with a reliable SQL editor that allows you to quickly edit and execute queries and scripts. Additionally, you are able to load an existing SQL script, as well as validate or simply analyze the selected query.

As far as the query execution command is concerned, you can run the selected SQL query using the proper options available in the toolbar or pressing the 'CTRL+Enter' key combination.

A straightforward database solution

All in all, DBeaver comes packed with useful and easy to handle tools and editors that come in handy for users who need to manage multiple database connections, triggers, procedures and views, as well as execute SQL scripts, from simple to complex.

Connection manager
Metadata browser
SQL Editor
Execute queries
Working with SQL
Data viewer/editor
Data/metadata search
Database structure compare
Data transfer (export/import)
ER Diagrams
Query Manager
Extra views
Driver manager

Whats New:
Java 9 support was fixed
SQL Editor: connection/schema selectors redesign
SQL Editor: divider position save
SQL Editor: BOM for external SQL files support was added
SQL Editor: queries folding was fixed
SQL error chain evaluation was fixed
SQL autocomplete for quoted and/or national identifiers was fixed
Results viewer: cursor reposition on refresh/mode change was fixed
Results viewer: reset all colorings action was added
Results viewer: reflect data changes in transaction monitor
Results viewer: right-aligned cells (numbers/dates) rendering was fixed
Results viewer: columns drag-n-drop was redesigned (now activated on column icon dragging)
Results viewer: multi-cell paste support was added
SQL Editor/results viewer: SELECT COUNT query transformation was fixed (omit order)
Dark theme support was improved
Support of null scale/precision for numeric data types was added
SQL generator: IS NULL/IS NOT NULL support was added
SQL generator: omit schema name feature (configurable)
Object editor: changes save procedure was fixed (+UI fix)
Office (XLSX) export: numeric/boolean cells formatting was fixed
Global schema/tables filters were fixed (MySQL/PostgreSQL)
Connections copy/paste was fixed
MySQL/MariaDB tables read was fixed (quoted identifiers)
Vertica: JDBC URL was fixed (database is optional)
Vertica: current schema detection/update
PostgreSQL: advanced data types (postgis, json, etc) resolution fix
PostgreSQL: procedures fully qualified names fix
DB2: primary key drop/edit fix
Oracle: synonyms read was fixed
Oracle: primary key drop/edit fix
SQL Server: GO delimiters evaluation was fixed
Minor UI fixes