Dehancer Pro 6.2.0 (x64) for OFX


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Dehancer Pro 6.2.0 (x64) for OFX | File size: 40.4 MB

Dehancer is the OFX plugin suite for film-like color grading and film effects in DaVinci Resolve. Dozens of real photographic and motion picture films with truly analogue controls. Film Grain, Bloom and Halation effects to complete the look. Complete native support of ACES pipeline. Based on 30-years of film shooting and darkroom experience combined with scientific approach, nonlinear image processing, and. a bit of alchemy, of course.

Tools that turn stone into a gem
Film Profiles
Dozens of photographic and movie films, updated in one click inside the plugin. Full range of current Kodak Vision 3 negative movie films + Eastman Double X 5222.

Film Grain
Realistic Film Grain simulation with adjustable size, amount and impact (with separate controls in shadows, midtones and highlights).

Bloom Effect
Bloom effect with flexible controls brings misty glow and soft, vintage feel, turning lifeless digital picture into a piece of art.

Halation Effect
Halation film emulsion effect, visible as a subtle red glow around bright light sources, specular highlights and contrasting edges.

Hardware requirements
PC with Nvidia GPU
CUDA only
External and multi-GPU are supported (CUDA only)

GPU memory consumption
FullHD video - 4GB minimum / 8GB recommended
4K video - 8GB / 12GB
6K video - 12GB / 16GB
8K video - 16GB / 24GB

Software compatibility
Windows 10 64 bit (genuine licensed installation is required)
DaVinci Resolve 16 and 17

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