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Digital Business Technology - udemy
Published 10/2022
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Priorities for digital business planning, Digital strategy in time of crisis, How to build a successful digital business
What you'll learn
Four key priorities for digital business planing
Digital business need new key performance indicators
Concept of digital business
Components of digital business
The benefits of implementing digital business strategies
Digital strategy in time of crisis
Steps to build a successful digital business
Tips to go digital i the cocoa sector
Online shopping
Examples of digital technology in retail stores
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A digital business is a business that uses technology to sell to its customers and complete day-to-day operations. Digital businesses use technology to not only automate their daily business processes but also create new value in their business models, customer experience ad internal capabilities. This can also include offering telemedicine services, providing customers a virtual shopping experience at retail outlets, and setting up a remote workforce, Uber is an example of digital business. Successful digital businesses invest i tech solutions that are scalable, flexible, and help adapt to the changing IT landscape. This helps create a strong digital core, which includes IT infrastructure that position your business for the long-term growth. it is very important to build the right technology and tools for a successful online business. Getting the right talent to help you achieved your digital business goal is very important for the business.If you are unsure of what you want to achieve from digital transformation strategy, your business may end up being half-baked or going in the wrong direction. Set target goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. The digital space is changing always, to keep abreast with current development, you need to evaluate your digital business model regularly against industry and market changes.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 What is digital business
Lecture 3 Concept of digital business
Lecture 4 Components of digital business
Lecture 5 Example of popular digital business
Lecture 6 Digital economy
Section 2: Steps To Build A Successful digital business
Lecture 7 Prepare a detail digital business plan
Lecture 8 Create a digital strategy for your new business
Lecture 9 Build a strong digital core using the right tech tools
Lecture 10 Hire, train and retain digital talent
Lecture 11 Identify partner and monitoring and evaluation targets for digital growth
Lecture 12 Measure the success of your digital model
Section 3: Four Key Priorities For Digital Business Planing
Lecture 13 Develop a demand driven business plan
Lecture 14 Sense, predict and respond to changes
Lecture 15 Plan holistically a cross the network
Lecture 16 Increase strategic agility
Section 4: Benefits Of Implementing Digital Business Strategies
Lecture 17 Real- time transactions can be achieved with digital business strategies
Lecture 18 Accelerated product development
Lecture 19 Creating and discovering new sales channels
Lecture 20 Better management decision
Lecture 21 Easy acquisition of the right talent and highly skilled work force
Lecture 22 Increase market share
Lecture 23 Better customer interaction through web and mobile channel
Lecture 24 Higher revenues for your business
Section 5: Digital Strategy In Time Of Time Of Crisis
Lecture 25 Introduction
Lecture 26 A crisis demands boldness and learning
Lecture 27 A mandate to be bold
Lecture 28 Reinvent your business model at its core
Lecture 29 Boldly evolve your business portfolio
Lecture 30 Learning at the pace of crisis
Section 6: Online Shopping
Lecture 31 What is online shopping
Lecture 32 History of online shopping
Lecture 33 Growth in online shoppers
Lecture 34 customer buying behavior i digital environment
Lecture 35 Product selection
Lecture 36 Payment of online shopping
Lecture 37 Product delivery
Lecture 38 Shopping cart system
Lecture 39 Customer needs and expectation
Lecture 40 Advantage of online shopping
Lecture 41 Disadvantage of online shopping
Lecture 42 Product suitability
Lecture 43 Impact of review on consumer behavior
Section 7: Digital Business Needs New Key Performance Indicators
Lecture 44 Introduction
Lecture 45 Lessons from slack and Adidas America
Lecture 46 The right key performance indicators need the right data
Lecture 47 The seven habits of highly effective KPI users
Section 8: Examples Of Digital Technology In Retail Stores
Lecture 48 Burberry social retail store
Lecture 49 M & S in square check out
Lecture 50 Hemas QR codes
Lecture 51 Amazon go and Amazon fresh automated checkout
Lecture 52 Bingobox unmanned stores
Lecture 53 Audi VR showroom
Lecture 54 Sam club robotic floor scubers and shelf analysts
Section 9: Tips To Go Digital In The Cocoa Sector
Lecture 55 Understand what digitalisation can do for you
Lecture 56 Use data and digital tools to improve farming practices
Lecture 57 Improve your internal processes by using digital tools
Lecture 58 Increase traceability by joining block chain initiatives
Lecture 59 Use digital tools to increase access to financing services
Lecture 60 Increase your market attractiveness through digital experiences
Lecture 61 Use digital market places to optimize your marketing
Lecture 62 Connect with organization that help embark on your digitalisation journey
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