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Nov 30, 2015
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It can be fun to accessorize but sometimes it's a battle to find the perfect blend of function and fashion, like when choosing a smartwatch. The good news is that there are tons of options for women these days. Our favorite is the
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, which offers premium features while boasting a classic, stylish design. We've rounded up the best picks to help you choose the one that's right for you.

Best Overall: Fossil Gen 5 Julianna

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If you were a fan of the Gen 4 smartwatches from Fossil but hoped for improvements, the moment has arrived. The Gen 5 smartwatches — including the gorgeous Julianna — come with a new stylish design, more RAM, and an external speaker. It also does everything you need it to do: activity and heart rate tracking, 3 ATM water resistance (depth of up to 30 meters), Google Pay, Google Assistant, GPS, and notifications. The new Snapdragon Wear 3100 is finally here, too, which helps with battery life. If you were hoping for a major upgrade, you might be disappointed; the Julianna has an estimated 24+ hours of life, which isn't a huge improvement from the previous generation.

However, thanks to the new processor and battery-saving modes, you can get more usage between charges. Extended mode turns off nonessential features, like the always-on display, speaker, Wi-Fi, and touch to wake. Location and NFC are set to "on demand" so those radios are only turned on when apps are using them. Time Only mode gives you a few extra hours when the battery is low by functioning as a watch only. In short, if you plan on taking full advantage of all of the features the Gen 5 offers, you'll need to charge it daily.


  • Stylish, lightweight design
  • External speaker, more storage
  • Onboard GPS, NFC, HRM
  • Google Assistant

  • Mediocre battery life
  • Display could be brighter
  • Battery saving modes limit functionality
Best Overall

Fossil Gen 5 Julianna

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New and improved

Fossil fans will love this watch. It has activity and heart rate tracking, Google Pay, and GPS. It's lightweight and stylish, too.

Best Value: Fossil Gen 4 Venture

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For those who don't mind a bit of compromise for a good deal, you'll be interested in hearing about the Fossil Gen 4 Venture smartwatch. While it's still using the outdated Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, lacks an external speaker, and has less storage than the new Gen 5 models, you're still getting a lot for your money. You can expect up to one day of battery life before you need to charge it again.

In addition to smartphone notifications and music controls, you'll also receive some of the premium features that are usually only found on expensive smartwatches, like built-in GPS, Google Pay, plus activity and heart rate tracking. It still comes with a feminine design but it's slightly less flashy than the Julianna. There are multiple color combinations available for the stainless steel band, including rose gold, gold, and silver variants.


  • Activity and heart rate tracking
  • Onboard GPS, NFC, HRM
  • Swimproof technology

  • Software can be laggy
  • Short battery life
  • Less storage
Best Value

Fossil Gen 4 Venture

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Incredible value

If you're not concerned with the latest tech, you'll appreciate the value of the Fossil Gen 4 Venture. The price is unbeatable.

Best Timeless Design: Michael Kors Access Runway

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Sometimes you're aiming for the best of both worlds: a solid activity tracker with tons of features in the form of a timeless smartwatch that will never go out of style. The Michael Kors Access Runway will check all of these boxes. You'll enjoy an estimated 24 hours of battery life, onboard GPS, activity and heart rate tracking, 3 ATM water resistance, Google Assistant, Google Play, and more. It comes in various colors, including gold, pink, black, silver, and rose gold. The beautiful design might make this watch seem like it's only about looks but that's not the case.

The Access Runway allows you to set customized fitness goals, track calories burned, and map exercise routes. There's a wide selection of activities to choose from, like elliptical, aerobics, boxing, circuit training, and more. The only real con is that iOS users will need to have the Wear OS app running in the background for the smartwatch to stay connected or you won't get notifications. When your phone is connected, you'll be able to accept or reject calls (there's no speaker, so be prepared to use headphones). Android Users can reply to texts but iOS users won't have that luxury.


  • Various color options
  • Google Assistant
  • Customized activity tracking
  • Reply to texts; answer calls on Android

  • Limited iOS functionality
  • Disappointing battery life
  • Design isn't ideal for intense workouts
Best Timeless Design

Michael Kors Access Runway

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Best of both worlds

Want a stunning smartwatch full of impressive features and activity tracking perks? The Michael Kors Access Runway is a winner.

Best for Basics: Michael Kors Access Sofie

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If it's a sparkly timepiece you're after, you'll have met your match with the Michael Kors Access Sofie. While it's more about looks than anything else, it still offers plenty of basic features that might win you over. You'll get an estimated 24 hours of battery life, smartphone notifications, 1 ATM water resistance (can withstand dust and splashes, but not suitable for swimming), personalized watch faces, Google Assistant, and activity tracking with Google Fit. You'll be able to track your steps taken and calories burned for running, walking, and biking.

While you'll be missing out on is GPS, heart rate tracking, and Google Pay, it's not a bad trade-off if you're in the market for a dazzling watch like this one with fewer features. Keep in mind the same concept applies here with accepting and rejecting calls and only Android users can reply to texts. At the end of the day, you can't beat the allure of this shiny wearable that's sure to complement any outfit or occasion. However, considering it's in the same price range as the aforementioned Access Runway, the only reason to go with this model is if you have no use for the features it lacks or you have a strong preference for its more glamorous design.


  • Gorgeous design
  • Google Assistant
  • Basic activity tracking

  • Limited iOS functionality
  • Lacks GPS and NFC
  • No heart rate monitor
Best for Basics

Michael Kors Access Sofie

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Keep it simple

If you prefer to keep things simple and want a smartwatch for the looks rather than the features, the Sofie is a solid choice.

Best for Fashion: Kate Spade Scallop Smartwatch 2

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The Kate Spade Scallop Smartwatch 2 is a major step up from its predecessor. It offers a ton of features that weren't on the table before, including built-in GPS, Google Pay, and heart rate monitoring, not to mention there's an array of fashionable designs to choose from, including black, rose gold, gold, pink, and white. It also comes with 3ATM water resistance. This smartwatch estimates around 24 hours of battery life depending on your usage. Choose the band style you prefer, whether it be silicone, leather, or classic stainless steel.

You'll also be able to use Google Assistant, view notifications at a glance, control your music, customize watch faces, and more. Let's not forget about the basic activity tracking that lets you keep track of your steps taken and calories burned throughout the day while monitoring your heart rate and tracking your route. We're bummed it's still using the old Snapdragon Wear 2100, but it's a small compromise for all that you get. It's a bit on the pricey side, but for those who aren't willing to settle when it comes to fashion, it'll be well worth it.


  • Activity tracking
  • Music controls
  • Great design options
  • Different band styles

  • Uses Snapdragon 2100
  • Short battery life
  • A bit pricy
Best for Fashion

Kate Spade Scallop Smartwatch 2

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Fashion at its finest

Looking to make a fashion statement while still having the functionality you need? Look no further than the Kate Spade Scallop 2.

Best for Sports: Fitbit Versa 2

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While the new Fitbit Versa 2 isn't exclusively for women, it can certainly pass as a women's smartwatch. You can make it rugged and durable with the right band when you head outdoors for an intense workout. When the evening time rolls around, switch to an elegant band for a night out on the town. A fitness smartwatch can be feminine if you want it to be! There are many improvements worth noting, especially the increase of battery life from 4 to 5 days this time around.

This smartwatch offers some good upgrades from the original, like adding Amazon Alexa, making Fitbit Pay standard, improving the sleep tracking feature, and more. You can also control your Spotify music with an app on the device, but it won't work for syncing offline playlists. As for Alexa, you won't be able to hear replies to your inquiries without headphones as the watch doesn't have a speaker. You still don't have onboard GPS though, so you'll need to have your phone handy to use connected GPS instead. You'll have some of the same features as before, like female health tracking, 5 ATM water resistance, 15+ exercise modes, and 24/7 heart rate tracking.


  • Improved battery life
  • Refined sleep tracking
  • Fitbit Pay
  • Best water resistance option
  • Amazon Alexa built-in

  • Lacks built-in GPS
  • Spotify functionality is limiting
  • No speaker for Alexa replies
Best for Sports

Fitbit Versa 2

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Exercise your heart out

The Fitbit Versa 2 made Fitbit Pay standard, added Amazon Alexa, and improved sleep tracking. It's perfect for sports fans, too.

Best for Versatility: Galaxy Watch Active 2

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Perhaps the most anticipated release of the year is the new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, which offers optional LTE connectivity with select models. Again, this wearable isn't specifically designed for women but there are plenty of color options that can suit anyone. It's compatible with 20 mm interchangeable bands, so you'll be able to wear it casual or dress it up as you please. Your watch will always match your outfit with the My Style color extraction app that lets you take a photo of your outfit so it can generate a selection of watch faces to go with it.

Other new features you can look forward to include a faster and more accurate LED-based heart rate monitor, advanced accelerometer, improved GPS, and an embedded ECG sensor. As far as activity tracking, the Running Coach feature now provides real-time pace metrics with a rundown of what to expect before you start your workout. Whether you're walking, jogging, or running, the feature coaches you with audio cues through the device speaker or your Bluetooth headphones. You'll also have 5 ATM water resistance with the new edition and a day or two of battery life, which will vary based on the model you choose and your usage.


  • Improved sensors
  • Optional LTE connectivity

  • Questionable battery life
  • Can get expensive with LTE
  • No major activity tracking updates
Best for Versatility

Galaxy Watch Active 2

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Do it all

If you want a watch that can do it all and easily be tailored to suit various occasions, you'll love the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Best for Apple Fans: Apple Watch Series 5

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The new Apple Watch Series 5 is another superb choice when shopping for a women's smartwatch, especially if you're already an Apple enthusiast. This new edition provides a few subtle updates, most notably the long-awaited arrival of the always-on display. Your watch still goes to sleep when you're not using it, but now the display remains on with a dimmer low power mode. It also has international emergency calling, which works in over 150 countries. You don't even need to have your phone nearby to take advantage of it. As long as you own a cellular-capable model, you'll be able to utilize it.

This release also brings a new digital compass to the table, which lets you record and show heading, incline, latitude, longitude, and elevation. While there are instances where this feature may come in handy, it's a pretty basic improvement. It will be most helpful as you look at your maps and need to determine the direction in which you're headed.

As far as activity tracking and other smartwatch features go, the Apple Watch Series 5 offers a lot of the same. You'll still have in-depth health and fitness tracking, built-in GPS, 5 ATM water resistance, Apple Pay, smartphone notifications, and more. Still no sign of sleep tracking, though. Battery life is pretty much the same too, so you can expect to charge it daily.


  • Always-on display
  • Emergency calling
  • Digital compass
  • Built-in ECG
  • All-day battery
  • Optional LTE
  • Apple Pay

  • Still no sleep tracking
  • Very pricey
Best for Apple Fans

Apple Watch Series 5

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This watch tells time

The Apple Watch 5 finally has an always-on display. There's also international emergency calling and a digital compass feature.

Best Slim Design: Skagen Falster 2

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There's a lot to say about the Skagen Falster 2, but undoubtedly the first thing you'll notice is the ultra-slim design. The case is just 11 mm thick and when you pair this with a cozy mesh band against your wrist, it's a match made in heaven. In addition to silver stainless steel, the watch is also available in gold, rose gold, and black, with the option of leather bands, silicone bands, or magnetic mesh. It's compatible with 20 mm interchangeable bands so you can easily find one to match your style. Fortunately, now that the Skagen Falster 3 has finally hit the market, you can get the Falster 2 for a much better price.

As for the features, you'll have a good set on your hands. The Skagen Falster 2 provides you with 3 ATM water resistance, heart-rate tracking, Google Assistant, smartphone notifications, activity tracking via Google Fit, Google Pay, built-in GPS and more. Of course, you'll also have the ability to add your favorite third-party apps from the Google Play store. Battery life is estimated to last 24 hours on a single charge, which probably could've been better had it featured the Snapdragon Wear 3100. This missing upgrade also might have helped with the buggy software that tends to lag with some features, like lift to wake. With that said, it's slim and sleek design combined with its feature set might be enough to offset those shortcomings.


  • Ultra-slim design
  • Crisp, colorful display

  • Uses Snapdragon 2100
  • Battery life isn't great
  • Software can be buggy
Best Slim Design

Skagen Falster 2

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Slim as can be

The Skagen Falster 2 is a second edition done right. You get heart rate tracking, GPS, and Google Pay in a super-slim package.

Bottom line

The bottom line is that you really can't go wrong with any of these options. It all depends on what you're looking for in a smartwatch. No matter which one you choose, you'll receive a stunning design with a solid feature set. Make sure you think about what you want from your device before you make your final decision. If it's a feminine look you're after, you can choose one of the watches that's specifically designed for women. If you desire a specific set of features, you can just as easily go for one of the watches that work for both men and women that has what you need.

Our personal favorite when it comes to a women's smartwatch is the
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. The eye-catching design is nice enough on its own but there's a lot under the hood of this smartwatch, too. You'll have everything you need from activity and heart rate tracking to Google Pay to onboard GPS. Don't forget about the additional RAM and external speaker. To put it simply, it's what smartwatch dreams are made of.

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Courtney Lynch is a freelance writer at Android Central. She's obsessed with all things health, fitness, and music. At any given time she can be found checking out the latest and greatest gadgets while simultaneously petting her dog and sipping iced coffee.

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