Does Amazon Fire TV Stick have YouTube?

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Best answer: There is no official application for YouTube, but there are multiple options to watch YouTube on the Amazon Fire TV stick, such as utilizing the Silk or Firefox web browsers.

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YouTube is the premier destination for watching all your favorite music videos, video game streams and even live shows. However, if you take a look among the applications for the Amazon Fire TV, YouTube is nowhere to be found. This is a result of Google removing their official application from the Fire TV family of devices in response to Amazon's unwillingness to carry Google devices and products in their online store or allow Amazon Prime Video to utilize casting via Chromecast - a small part of an ongoing conflict between Amazon and Google. You can still watch YouTube on your Fire TV Stick, however.

Use the Silk or Firefox Browser

Watching YouTube on the Amazon Fire TV Stick can be done via the Silk or Firefox for Fire TV browsers by entering into the address bar using the on-screen keyboard or by using your voice remote. Firefox for Fire TV makes it even easier by offering a one-click solution once you boot up the application. Viewing YouTube through these web browsers will bring up the TV-optimized version of YouTube allowing easier navigation with your Fire TV remote control. You can even sign in and access your subscriptions as normal, although being able to do this through an application would be simpler.

Did you know that Amazon has simplified the process?

Amazon's YouTube "app" was updated recently to become a redirect to either the Silk Browser or FireFox for Fire TV, and it's quite simple:

  1. Search for YouTube using the on-screen search or by using voice search (by holding down the microphone button and speaking into your voice remote)

  2. Select the application and download it.

  3. Open up the application and choose whether you would like to open YouTube in Silk or Firefox. Leave the box checked for one click access to YouTube in the future.

  4. Once you've chosen your browser of choice, if it hasn't been downloaded yet, download it, open it and select the YouTube Bookmark.

  5. Follow the instructions to sign in to your YouTube account.

  6. Lastly, enjoy your favorite videos on your Fire TV!
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