'Dragon Hills 2' Lets You Ride the Dragon Starting October 12th


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Get ready, everyone. It's time to ride the dragon as if you're the Khaleesi in Game of Thrones. Dragon Hills 2, the sequel to the very entertaining 2015 Dragon Hills [$1.99], is scheduled to fly our way October 12th. As we wrote about back in September, the game's developer, Rebel Twins, has brought plenty of fun games to the App Store—including Daddy Was a Thief [$1.99] and Aliens Drive Me Crazy [Free]—and it looks like it's about to give us another great one in Dragon Hills 2. In case you haven't played the original, Dragon Hills 2 will have you riding a dragon that doesn't just fly high above everything but, rather, dips below the earth and pops up like a deadly jack-in-a-box ready to wreak havoc on the world around.

Just one quick look at the trailer below should show you why we are excited about Dragon Hills 2. When you take dragons, add fun visuals and plenty of mayhem, you probably have yourself a winner. Dragon Hills 2 will bring three new worlds, 20 towers to conquer, 7 special weapons to unlock and upgrade, 21 Bosses, and so much more. And this time around, you are going up against modern technology, with helicopters and even spaceships trying to take you down. The game will be a premium app for $2.99. Head over to our forums to share your impressions of the trailer.

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