'Dunkers 2', Sequel to the Mega-Hit Wacky Physics-Based Basketball Game, Arrives Next Week


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iPhone Gaming
Of the entire library of Colin Lane's wacky physics sports games, Dunkers [Free] is the one that pushed things to the next level, as evidenced by this very interesting Twitter thread by Lane recounting the steps it took him and his collaborators to reach the 10 million total downloads mark across all his games. It's not surprising either, as Dunkers is just stupidly fun. I'm a sucker for any wacky physics game, but something about Dunkers was just special. Well, Dunkers fans, did you know a sequel was in the works? And did you know it's releasing next week? And did you know there's a shiny new trailer for said sequel? I didn't know any of those things until just right now!

As you can see, Dunkers 2 opts for a different art style, one that's smoother and quite similar to Lane's most recent release Battle Golf Online [Free] as opposed to the original game's pixel art. Hey, I'm a fan of both styles and sometimes change can be good! There's also a tremendous number of different playable characters, special unlockable balls, and a variety of different environments to get your dunk on in. It seems like there might be a bit meatier single-player portion this time around too, and of course the heart of the game will always be its excellent multiplayer matches. I'm very excited to see how Dunkers 2 turned out when it arrives next week.

[Via Carter Dotson on Twitter Dot Com]

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