Escape Motions Rebelle Pro 5.0.2 (x64) Multilingual


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Escape Motions Rebelle Pro 5.0.2 (x64) Multilingual
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Rebelle is the award-winning, hyper-realistic painting software with phenomenal oils, acrylics, watercolors, and other wet and dry media. Paint pigments color mixing, oil thickness, watercolor diffusion, and NanoPixel technology, convincingly mimic the way natural mediums interact with the canvas and itself.

WHO is it for?
Rebelle is designed for everyone who wants to explore their artistic skills using digital technology, no matter the level of proficiency. Its state-of-the-art tools will certainly change the mind of every digital art non⁠-⁠believer.

WHY was it created?
The unique watercolor simulation was created by artist Peter Blaškovič as one of his experimental drawing projects. The vision is to come up with a versatile software with the most natural painting tools. Artists can explore all kinds of very realistic painting techniques working with a wide range of mediums.

A Whole NEW LEVEL of Painting Experience

Pigment Color Mixing NEW

Color mixing has never been more realistic! Rebelle is the first software with physical color mixing based on the light spectrum of the pigments. The best is that you can still work in a full RGB color gamut, and import any image into your painting.

NanoPixel Technology NEW
No more raster graphics limitations! Macro-zoom into the canvas in real⁠-⁠time to see infinite features of the painting. Export 16x larger artworks with sharp details, or rescale your old painting from A4 to A0 and print it with a detail never seen before.

Oil and Acrylic Impasto
Try dynamic painting technique in Rebelle that offers variety in appearance and creates beautiful impasto effects.

Palette Knife and Dirty Brush
Try a palette knife with oils to have the most realistic paint experience. Make a choice to clean the brush for each stroke or keep it dirty.

Real Watercolors with Granulation NEW

Paint with state-of-the-art watercolors with beautiful life-like granulation effects for your strokes.

Transparent Watercolor Mixing
Decide on how the light affects your color mixing. Choose from transparent, opaque, or semi-transparent mixing for watercolors.

DropEngine with Blow Tool
The unprecedented watercolor DropEngine enables creating beautiful dripping effects. Let the paint flow in different directions using the Blow Tool.

Transparency Locking
With this handy tool, every action you make will be applied only on the paint, transparent areas remain untouched.

Watercolor Visual Settings
Enjoy authentic painting experience and set how paper texture influences the behavior of watercolors.

Ruler and Perspective Tool
Useful assistants for precision drawings with an innovative approach of a Free Hand effect. The perspective tool allows expressing depth in 1, 2, or 3 point perspective.

Record Time-Lapse NEW
Record and export your painting process as a video and use it for your presentation on social channels.

Brush Line Stabilization
Use "Moving Average" or "Pulled String" tools to paint the perfectly smoothed line.


Explore practical digital stencils, make your own templates, and create seamless patterns in no time.

Color Management
Select from standard RGB color profiles and check the painting with "Soft Proofing" and "Gamut Warning" before exporting the artwork.


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