Firebird PHP Generator Professional v22.8.0.3 Multilingual


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Firebird PHP Generator Professional v22.8.0.3 Multilingual

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Create a professional quality 100% responsive website for your Firebird database without any programming. Firebird PHP Generator lets you quickly build a website based on your database without any programming! The created web application allows authorized users to make data manipulations on your database.

Key features include
100% responsive design
Easy-to-use data input forms with wide spectrum of controls
Master-detail views with unlimited nesting
Data protection with application, page, and record level security
Powerful data filtering, sorting, comparison, and pagination
Out-of-the-box Charts
Advanced website navigation features
Data export to PDF, XML, CSV, Excel, and Word
25 color themes
Full customization with built-in API and user-defined events

Top 10 reasons to use Firebird PHP Generator
Powerful. User-friendly. Freeware!
Firebird PHP Generator is a high-quality PHP website builder with GUI front-end for rapid web application development
Firebird PHP Generator is unique software that allows making full-fledged web database applications in several clicks. The prices start from $0 for the free edition!
Clear in use
Even a newbie can build a database driven website with the PHP script generator
Full customization of the result HTML appearance
Possibility to select PHP website templates and apply your own design
Full customization of the result script
The PHP code generator provides you with all the powerful features you would expect from a professional web database application
Implemented lookup options
Firebird PHP Generator supports foreign key constraints and the automatic creation of look up menus
Script localization
You can instantly develop multilingual web applications with Firebird PHP Generator
Advanced security features
Use Firebird PHP Generator to convert your Firebird databases into a working web application with login-protected user access
Latest Firebird server versions support
Firebird PHP Generator supports all the latest versions of Firebird server
Wizard Projects
Use wizard projects to make your work with Firebird PHP Generator even easier
Fully customizable appearance and functionality
Firebird PHP Generator admits to full customization performed by users

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