Five things Motorola needs to do in 2016

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Android Central
Android Central
Nov 30, 2015

Motorola was the darling of the tech enthusiast world in 2014. Solid phones with simple but great software features, that were built well and available to everyone everywhere. They practically invented the great budget phone with the Moto G, then improved on it. Even people who were looking at (and buying) other phones had to appreciate the way Motorola changed from an average U.S. carrier OEM into an innovative company that built great things.

Things quickly changed through 2015. Poorly implemented updates, "rolling" release dates that made people who wanted to buy their phones and watches unable to do so and poor decisions left a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

They can fix it. They really don't need our help here, because they know what's "wrong" as well as we do. But we're still going to discuss how they need to change in 2016, becasue we care.

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