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Nov 30, 2015

We asked, and you answered. Here's what you want to see in the LG G5.

It's February already, and that means that Mobile World Congress and its slew of new phones is only a few weeks away. With the anticipated arrival of the LG G5 on the horizon, there is no better time to start thinking about the features you're hoping to see. Phil asked what you want to see from the LG G5 — and boy did you answer.

After spending some time going through the comments here, as well as over on our Youtube channel, we put together the five features that you told us you were most hoping for in the LG G5. With the phone tipped for announcement in a short time and hopefully a release soon after, there is plenty to get excited for. Whether you're hoping for new features or improvements to existing ones, we've got the top 5 features right here.

Front-facing speakers

Front-facing speakers were the most requested feature for the LG G5, and that isn't much a surprise. Playing music or a video on your phone is something most of us do everyday, and if you want the best sound possible then it's gonna be from front-facing speakers. That means that you'll get clear and concise sound for everything you need to hear instead of a muffled or tinny sound.

With front-facing speakers you just get a better sound overall, as anyone who uses a Nexus 6P can attest. If LG just moved just the branding from the bottom of the phone, they could probably nestle a speaker in right at the bottom. Adding a front-facing speaker would make plenty of people mighty happy.

SD Card

The second feature you all told us that you needed was a microSD card slot. This isn't surprising at all. Nobody wants the hassle of having to constantly delete or upload things just to keep from filling up your phone. With adoptable storage support from Marshmallow, and LG's history of including the slot in their previous phones, we aren't expecting a sudden shift and the removal of expandable storage as an option.

Most of us have our shiny new phones for a year or two (or longer). During that time, your phone ends up holding everything from music to photos to files from work. Expandable storage makes sense, and thankfully that's something that LG already seems aware of. Certainly, along with the removable battery they market it as one of the differentiating points with their main competition: Samsung Galaxy S6. We'll just have to cross our fingers and hope they don't decide to toss it out.

Removable battery

Keeping the removable battery was the third feature that you are hoping to see. While the removable battery had long been a feature that many companies were using, 2015 saw a shift away from this. Being able to remove the battery is handy too, for a variety of reasons. LG is one of the companies that didn't shift away from using replaceable batteries last year, and the G4 probably sold a little better as a result.

There are pretty decent odds that LG will be keeping their removable battery design, but honestly, anything could happen. Plenty of people prefer a removable battery — certainly it's more convenient to pack a slim stand-by battery in your bag than a USB battery pack and a cable to get charged up. Plenty of you made clear that you want the removable battery to carry over as a feature with the LG G5.

Fingerprint sensor

Adding a fingerprint sensor to the LG G5 comes up fourth on our list. Many of you are hoping that LG will add a fingerprint sensor to the back of the phone where the power button has been seated, like we saw with the LG V10. Adding a fingerprint sensor, especially one with such intuitive placement, would seem to be a good idea. This is especially true as more apps begin to adopt fingerprint sensor features.

A fingerprint sensor can make it easier to unlock your phone, authorize purchases, and even sign in to specific apps. However not all sensors are built the same, so the hope is that if LG decides to take the plunge and add a fingerprint sensor, they'll do so in an intuitive manner. The back placement for a sensor already works well, as users of the LG-built Nexus 5X can tell you.

Improved software

Last, but certainly not least, was an improvement in software for the LG G5. The software from the LG G4 wasn't entirely horrendous, but it did leave quite a bit to be desired. Between lag when pushing the phone a bit hard, or stuttering when flipping between apps, there were plenty of smaller issues that could be resolved this go 'round.

It makes sense to continue fine-tuning their software with each new generation of phone, so we're hopeful that we'll see software that works a bit smoother. You also told us that you'd like to see a bit less bloat in the software with the LG G5. While carriers often exacerbate bloat on smartphones, with LG we've come to expect a bit more than many people would like. Having software that can easily handle anything a user throws at it shouldn't be just a pipe dream.

So there you have it. The top five features that you, the Android Central readers, told us you wanted to see on the LG G5. Was your favorite feature on the list? Are you excited to get a look at the G5 at Mobile World Congress? Let us know in the comments below!

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