Galaxy S8 Active’s shatter-resistant screen scratches pretty easily


Feb 22, 2016
The Galaxy S8 Active, which went official last month in the US, could be a perfect smartphone for many people. It has not only all the niceties of the Galaxy S8, but also a stronger body, a shatter-resistant screen, and a larger battery. However, the shatter-resistant screen comes with a caveat. It could catch scratches pretty quickly.

A lot of consumers who purchased the Galaxy S8 Active from AT&T and posted their reviews mention that the phone’s 5.8-inch shatter-resistant screen gets scuffs and scratches pretty easily, even when the phone was in their pocket. This is due to a lamination technology (material that’s softer than glass panels used in other phones) that is used to make the screen shatter-resistant. The Galaxy S7 Active also faced similar problems.

Motorola uses a similar technology for the Moto Z2 Force’s ShatterShield display. The company even runs a program that helps consumers in replacing these scratched and scuffed panels with new ones for 30 bucks each. Unless Samsung starts a similar program, Galaxy S8 Active owners might have to live with more scratches than they’re accustomed to from phones with harder glass covers.

Have you seen more scratches and scuffs on your Galaxy S8 Active’s display? Let us know in the comments section below.

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