Get Your 'Bomberman' On with 'Ninja Boy Adventures', Arriving on iOS and Apple TV Soon


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iPhone Gaming
Bomberman is one of those all-time classic video game franchises, and to this day even the earliest games in the series are some of the very best multiplayer gaming you can have. There's really no substitute for running around a game board and trying to bomb the crap out of your friends. It's always puzzled me that Bomberman hasn't been more prominent on mobile, as the mechanics are simple enough to work on touchscreens and the ubiquity of internet connections could make for some incredible multiplayer action on the go.

Actually, Bomberman has appeared on iOS a few different times before, and in fact the little guy was there the very first day the App Store opened for business with Bomberman Touch. Unfortunately, that game used the basic Bomberman mechanics but in a single-player story-driven scenario, which was okay-ish but far from the classic Bomberman gamers were craving. It was popular enough to spawn a sequel though, and Bomberman has also appeared in a match-3 game that was similarly okay-ish but not what I really wanted. All of those games are now gone due to Konami purging a massive chunk of their iOS library last August.

Anyway, with no true Bomberman game on mobile several developers have tried their hand at creating an adequate facsimile. Some were better than others but nothing ever really stood out as special. The latest developer to attempt a Bomberman-style game is The Clash Soft, who you may know from their popular Plants vs. Zombies-esque tower defense game Shark Attack 2 [Free]. It's called Ninja Boy Adventures, and it makes no bones about being a tribute to classic Bomberman. Check out the trailer.

Ninja Boy Adventure will offer 30 levels of play in its single-player campaign, and up to 4-player battling in its online multiplayer mode. The game is also coming to Apple TV, and that version will support local multiplayer for up to 4 players, harkening back to all those fun times I've had playing Bomberman on the SNES with buddies on the couch. In addition, Ninja Boy Adventures will support MFi controllers, will be a paid app with no IAP or ads, and has full Game Center support for leaderboards and achievements. It's currently in review with Apple and if all goes well you can expect to see Ninja Boy Adventures launch in the coming weeks. For more in the meantime check out the thread in our forums.

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