Google Assistant makes its way to HBO NOW, CBS All Access, and The CW

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U.S. users can now use their voice to control even more of their favorite shows.

Since its debut last year, Google Assistant has grown into something truly special. Between using the AI to control your home security cameras, check the weather, send text messages, and way more than we have time to talk about, the list of supported actions goes on and on.

One of Google Assistant's neatest features is the ability to start playing videos on your TV by simply using your voice, and even though the Assistant can already do this for a number of different apps, it's now expanding to HBO NOW, CBS All Access, and The CW.

As long as you've got a Google Home and a TV with Chromecast built-in, you'll be able to watch Game Of Thrones, Star Trek: Discovery, and all of your other favorite shows by using just your voice. You'll have to link your HBO NOW and CBS All Access account to start using them with Assistant, but you can start using The CW without any account linking required.

Google Assistant is rolling out to these apps now in the United States.

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