Google will reward people for posting local reviews


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Google Maps should be your go-to app for finding places and reviews. This is why Google is competing with other user-contributed review sites like Zagat and Yelp to create a more wholesome experience using Google Maps. Google wants to encourage more people to contribute reviews to Google Maps by rewarding them. Users can sign up to be a "Local Guide" to start earning points today. Each of the following actions can earn you 1 point: uploading photos posting a review adding a new place (which isn't on Google Maps) fixing information (wrong phone number, misspelled name) answering questions ("Is this a family restaurant?") Google also lets Local Guides lead local communities and have discussions with other communities to share the things they love. There is even a calendar that lists Hangout sessions for training and meetups. There are 5 point levels for a Local Guide: 0 to 4 points gets your entries into device giveaways in select countries 5 to 49 points gets you early access to new Google products and features 50 to 199 points gets you a badge that recognizes you on Google Maps as an official Local Guide 200-499 points gets you a free 1TB upgrade of Google Drive storage 500+ points makes you eligible to attend Google sponsored Local Guide events and visits to the Google Campus Google even gives Local Guides the resources and tips for hosting a local event for just about anything. The company really wants to give back to the communities everywhere while helping small businesses gain reviews from more customers. Source |...