Grab a Samsung Galaxy S6 for $399.99 on eBay


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Yesterday we told you about a nice Christmas deal for the Motorola Nexus 6 and today we got another one for you. The Samsung's latest flagship - the traditional Galaxy S6 is on sale on eBay and you can have one for $399.99. The offer is for the SIM-free and unlocked model of the Galaxy S6, black sapphire flavor, with 32GB storage and 12-months US warranty from Samsung. The quantities of the Galaxy S6 in this offer are limited so you may want to hurry up if you are interested. Sure, the savings aren't that big, at least not as the seller suggests - $200. The Galaxy S6 is currently selling for about $480 in the States from various retailers, but nevertheless it's still a nice offer and will do for a last-moment Christmas present. eBay |...