'Guitar Hero Live' Bundle With Guitar on Sale for $49.99 on Amazon


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Activision's Guitar Hero Live [Free] hit the App Store in mid-October, setting a really neat precedence of releasing a huge name franchise on mobile the same day as it's console release. A typical App Store SNAFU lead to the game being pretty broken on launch, but it was quickly fixed, and we ended up liking it quite a bit in our review. Currently, the way the game's pay structure is set up has you downloading the app for free and getting a brief tease of what it's like, then paying $9.99 to unlock the rest of the content.

Alternatively, you can pair a Guitar Hero guitar via Bluetooth, and the game gets unlocked automatically. Previously, the guitar bundle would've set you back a hundred bucks, but as of this morning the guitar bundle is on sale on Amazon for $49.99. If you've had your eye on this game (and the guitar), this is a pretty great deal.

Of course you can always just play with the touch screen, but it's really just not the same. Guitar Hero Live paired with an HDMI adapter with your iOS device hooked up to a TV and played with the accompanying plastic guitar is really pretty cool- Particularly if you've never played a Guitar Hero game that way before.

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