Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star swoops onto PS4 & PS Vita today


Nov 9, 2015
Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star takes you back into the world of St Pigeonations on PS4 and PS Vita today, as the sole human girl at a school for gifted birds and everybirdie from the first game returns with you!

Whilst you get re-acquainted with familiar avian faces, the holidays bring with them a wide range of mysteries to unravel. The feathered figures at the heart of them will shock and surprise. Some will bring delight! Others something much more sinister…

The enigmatic ‘Christmas Thieves’ present the first mystery the snowy season brings. Rumour has it these two unidentified assailants not only have a dangerous penchant for stealing any and all things Christmas, but a sordid history with someone deeply established at St Pigeonations. They seem to be stocking an alarming amount of ordnance for the war on Christmas.

And then there’s a certain flamboyant golden pheasant with grand ambitions new to the scene. They have a keen interest in the… unique talents of your friend Anghel and their aspirations to make it big in the world of manga! But is that what he’s really after? What goes on in their secret ‘editor meetings’? The scandal unfolds around the Comiket manga festival and the popular pigeon anime Pretty Coore.

The deepest, darkest mystery of the holidays takes us to a whole other plane of reality ruled over by an enigmatic King. His whimsical watercolour world may not be quite as charming as it initially seems. His connection to the great beyond is tied to the avian souls of a number close school friends. As mysteries go, it’s up there with the dark secrets of H1N5 only the most stalwart Hatoful fans dared to unravel.

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