Hey Cortana feature comes to Lumia 950/XL devices in Canada


GSMArena News
Nov 9, 2015
The "Hey Cortana" feature, which lets users invoke Microsoft's Cortana personal assistant through voice activation, is now available on Lumia 950/XL devices in Canada. This was reported by some users on Reddit who said the feature was included in the latest firmware update they installed. "Hey all, I had a firmware update today, and going through Cortana settings I've noticed that we can now select and use 'Hey Cortana' keeping our Canada region and settings," said a Reddit user. The feature can be activated by heading to Cortana's Notebook -> Settings, and then turning on the Hey Cortana slider. For those who aren't aware, the feature was recently removed from Cortana for Android in US following reports that it interferes with Google Now's Ok Google functionality, leading to malfunctioning of the device's microphone. Via |...