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Insusurro Dark KONTAKT | 7.22 Gb
Dark continues the theme of pads, but with Dark we delve into the world of dark and hard sounds. With Dark we've included rhythmic loops. We tried the sounds of Pure and Dark with rhythms and thought they sounded really good, so we've included loops and we intend to expand on the loops to complement the pads.

Making Dark we used the following items:
Waldorf Wave
Roland MKS-70
Yamaha FS1r
E-mu Emulator 2 x
Korg Wavestation Ex
Sequential Curcuits VS
Roland JP8000
Kurtweil K2600rs
E-mu proteus 2000
An electric guitar
A microphone underwater
A 6 year old girl
A 3 Year old boy
A 36 Year old opera singer
A 40 year old old man
A Mac computer
Another Mac computer
A Dell PC
Another Dell PC
A home made PC
A lot of hard drives
A guy from Croatia
A guy from Turkey
A guy from America
And a guy from Austria!
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