isatis.neo mining v2022.08 (x64)


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isatis.neo mining v2022.08 (x64)
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Isatis.neo is the leading and most comprehensive software solution for geostatistics. Featuring an intuitive user interface, it results from Geovariances' dual commitment to developing breakthrough technology and making premium geostatistics accessible to more users.

Designed for every business dealing with spatialized data, Isatis.neo exceeds industry standards in geostatistics. The software enables thorough data analysis and visualization, produces high-quality maps and models, and allows you to carry out extensive uncertainty and risk analyses that optimize your decision-making process.

Available in a Standard Edition, Isatis.neo is also offered in two special versions, Petroleum Edition and Mining Edition, to better meet the specific requirements of these two industries. In addition to business-oriented tools, the Petroleum Edition offers a preconfigured workflow for Time-to-Depth Conversion with comprehensive uncertainty analysis.

Improve your performance
Geostatistics can appear daunting if you are not familiar with the approach. This is why we have been working to make Isatis.neo straightforward to use so that you only focus on your geostatistical analysis, not on how to use the tool. Your performance is boosted thanks to its intuitive interface, but also by cutting-edge parallelized algorithms and powerful scripting procedures that allow fast and easy model updating.

Tailor your project to your needs
Isatis.neo provides a complete set of powerful and intuitive statistical and geostatistical tools in a fully flexible package letting you design your process to best address your specific issues. And if you need further analyses, Isatis.neo enables you to write python coding into your batch processes, allowing for a high degree of customization required for optimized workflows.

Make better decisions
Isatis.neo makes you benefit from Geovariances' technical excellence in geostatistics. The software derives from robust, tried and tested Isatis software and 35 years of know-how in developing geostatistics-based software solutions in partnership with the French Mining School of Paris. With Isatis.neo, you are certain to hold the keys for data and risk-informed decision making.

Go beyond with Machine Learning
With Isatis.neo, you may combine geostatistics with Machine Learning techniques to solve real and complex problems.

System Requirements
CPU:Intel/AMD Intel 64-bit compatible processor.
OS:Windows 10 64-bit Enterprise (or higher) 64-bit.
Memory:4 Gb system memory (16 Gb is recommended).
GPU:NVIDIA and AMD/ATI graphic cards with the most recent drivers are recommended for using the 3D Viewer.
Intel graphic cards are known to cause some problems during 3D graphic rendering.
-Monitor capable of 1440x900 pixels (1920x1080 is recommended - high DPI screens like 3200x1800 are not supported


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