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The app will be available in a few days.

Android Auto is slowly but surely expanding to more hardware and gaining additional software support, and since its inception, one of the strong suits for the platform has been its use for listening to music. Plex has just announced that it'll soon be rolling out its own Android Auto app, and from what we've seen so far, it looks really nice.

Plex can be used for storing videos and music files, and while it should probably go without saying, you won't be able to watch any of your movies or TV shows using the Android Auto app. However, you will be able to access all of the songs that you have stored on your Plex account.

Android Auto can be used on dashboard units and through an app on your phone, and Plex has designed unique interfaces for both options that give you large, easy-to-see controls so that you can safely handle your music playback while behind the wheel. You can browse through your music by you're created playlists, songs you've recently played/added, and by artists. And, as you'd expect, there are controls for pausing a song and skipping to the next track once you've selected a title to listen to.

Plex's Android Auto app will be rolling out in the coming days.

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