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KillFiles is a program that purpose was and is to delete single or multiple files blocked, because they are constantly in use, by other applications. This program proves useful in case of uninstallations ended badly or malware present on your PC.

KillFiles is totally free and is supplied localized in both English and Italian in addition, requiring no installation on the PC that hosts it, it is very suitable to be always carried with us together with all the other tools of our USB stick.
Use it with care and responsibility.
Single interface-operation, that offers simple, concise features, for efficient handling
Just as other software from this developer, KillFiles also sports a simple, minimalist interface, whose layout and corresponding functionality are even simpler. Users' interaction will be kept to a minimum, as one will be able to define the deletion parameters in just a few clicks.

The interface offers a good overview of the loaded data, and users can quickly see the added files' corresponding directory path, as well as if they carry an inherent, read-only status, thanks to the dedicated columns.

Add one or multiple files to the deletion queue, and execute the erasing when performing a PC restart
Users will be able to add multiple files for deleting, and this is ideal, as it allows one to perform batch processing, ensuring that all locked files can be deleted in a single go, for a more efficient approach.

As with similar deletion software, the secure erase will be carried out when performing a PC restart, and users can choose to do so directly from the app, or manually, at their own preferred time.

Classic file eraser, which offers good performance, all in an accessible, minimalist manner
This simple tool can save you from a lot of trouble when dealing with stubborn, locked files, as it will allow you to securely delete such data, in just a few simple clicks.


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