LG's robot vacuum uses your phone to show how dirty you really are

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Android Central
Android Central
Nov 30, 2015

LG is starting announce its CES 2016 lineup, and one of the first products is the new HOM-BOT Turbo+ vacuum. It's a cordless, robotic sort of deal that's doesn't look unlike other vacuums in this category. But this one's got a little trick up its sleeve. Or, rather, in your pocket.

The HOM-BOT Turbo+ uses a "Triple Eye" system of cameras to record the room and figure out where it's already cleaned. And the front-facing camera also feed into an Android app, allowing you to control the little thing remotely — and give you a peek at what's going on while you're not there. It also can fire over still pictures of your home should it detect movement. LG calls these "Home-View" and "Home-Guard." We call it a hell of a fun idea if you've got pets or small children, and an interesting home security backup.

Source: LG

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