MailWasherPro 7.12.116 Repack & Portable by elchupacabra


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MailWasherPro 7.12.116 Repack & Portable by elchupacabra


MailWasherPro (Repack & Portable) - allows users to view emails from different email accounts before downloading them to their computer. Thanks to MailWasher Pro, you can delete or return unwanted emails back to the sender with a message that the addressee is unknown.

Includes anti-virus protection, provides POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, WebMail and WAP access using SSL, mail attachment/content filtering and a MAPS/USER-DEFINED anti-spam database.

Works with multiple domains, allows you to create automated responses, SMS notifications, create shared and public folders, mail database backup, and secure remote administration. Antivirus plugins are available from McAfee and F-Secure.

There are simple familiar solutions in the form of black, white and private lists, sending back a letter with a note that the addressee is unknown, preview, check-checking the correctness of the return address, an overlay of 25 mail message headers per second, scheduled work and much more.

The main features of the program:

View mail before it reaches your computer
Shredding spam before it's downloaded
Analyze each email as soon as it arrives and alert you to suspicious content
Convenient organization and ease of use
Work with your existing e-mail programs - The Bat, Outlook, Outlook Express or others
Quick Reply - Quick Reply with MailWasher Pro Interface
Recovery of destroyed mail
Unlimited mailboxes, support for POP3, AOL, Hotmail & MSN and IMAP.
Fast loading headers, up to 25 messages per second
Complete reference and FAQ (Instructions and animated guides are also included)
Automatic launch of the mail client after the end of the mail check;
Accompanying new correspondence with a sound file;
Cyclic mail check with the additional ability to specify the time when it is not needed.
MailWasherPro repack features :

Combined in one distribution package installation of the program or unpacking of the portable (PAF) version
Does not require registration (key)
Multilingual interface (including Russian)
Possibility of picking up and autocopying custom *.xml format files (if located next to the installer)

Download Details:
Ext: zip
Parts: 1
Size: 11.05 MB

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