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The hole-punch camera cutouts on the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ is something you can love or hate, but if you have to look at it every day, you might as well play into it with a fun wallpaper that fits it perfectly! I'm still working on my own hold-punch wallpapers and themes for the upcoming S10 series, but until then, Twitter user Matt B has given us all a properly nerdy collection of hole-punch wallpapers to start off with, and the r/S10wallpapers subreddit have taken their pinhole templates and gone wild. Here are some of my favorites.

Ready to rock?

Daft Punk by @Mattcabb

Matt B has actually done a whole slew of Daft Punk wallpapers for the S10 and S10+ in various styles, but I like the split helmet look of this S10 wallpaper the most. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go listen to this storm remix of Derezzed for the bajillionth time because it's crack.

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Can you see me now?

Hiding in Plain Sight by u/theWinterDojer

This wallpaper has it all: fascinating nature scenes, a little color pop in the form of that mesmerizing lava-looking waterfall, and one encroaching technology hidden as another encroaching technology! There are even versions for both the S10 and S10+, though speaking plainly, I think the S10+ version is superior.

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Sea of Thieves by u/PowderedToastManHere

Sea of Thieves is a game that's equal parts nostalgia, teamwork, and goddamn magic, and this skull-shaped keyhole-style wallpaper hides either of the camera pinholes in darkness by drawing your eye dead center towards the crew observing the epic battle offshore.

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For all Galaxies

Into the Spiderverse Poster

Since this fades to black at the top edges, this wallpaper is good for all of the Galaxy S10 variants, one hole or two. And who couldn't use some gravity-defying webslinger awesomeness on their home screens?

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Simply satisfying

Pink flower by u/DangerouslyNerdy

This wallpaper is natural, simple, pink, and amazing. It's equal parts girly and geeky and I love it. You got a problem with pink flowers? WELL, DO YA, PUNK?

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Girl power

Wonder Woman Poster by u/njess1221

Who's excited for Wonder Woman 84?Who's excited for more female superhero movies?? Who's excited for female supervillain movies like Birds of Prey? Anyway, here's a great crop of the first Wonder Woman movie poster.

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Super Saiyan Blue!

DBZ Goku u/Eashwars

It is my supreme shame to say I haven't seen the latest DBZ movie yet. I know! I'm scum!! But in my defense, I need to watch Dragon Ball Super first. I am especially looking forward to this colorful bit of loveliness known as Super Saiyan God/Blue. This powerful wallpaper hides your cameras in a dark corner while drawing your eye to the sheer power coming off Son Goku.

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Off on an adventure

Fantasy Sunset S10 by u/KhaleesiDragonMami

This may be a random fantasy wallpaper u/KhaleesiDragonMami found on her phone, but I thank her wholeheartedly for it because this wallpaper is everything! It's got dramatic locales, wizened old wizards, young sword-wielding adventuring heroes, sunset beauty, and some fantastic interplay of light and dark.

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One wall to rule them all!

Lord of the Rings Barad-Dûr Tower S10 by u/kjellolz

Lord of the Rings has many picturesque landscapes to showcase Middle Earth's beauty. Too bad Barad-Dûr isn't one of them. This wallpaper puts you in the heart of the evil land of Mordor, the domain of the Dark Lord Sauron. I agree that pinhole cameras are evil, but maybe not All-Seeing Eye of Sauron evil.

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Hang in there?

Rock climbing u/Niryal

This may be a "random photo from Google Photos", but it's makes a heck of an S10 wallpaper, hiding your cameras inside that hanging ledge. It's part motivational poster, part daredevil, and all awesome. Just don't ask me to go free climbing with you, because I'm too young to die.

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B(est) B(ot is G)8

BB-8 Galaxy S10 by @Mattcabb

R2 may be the original, but c'mon, ya'll! BB-8 is cuter, brighter, rounder, and he can even give you a thumbs up! Well, some of us think that's a thumb anyway. Whether you're rolling into Disneyland this summer for Galaxy's Edge or chilling in your quiet corner of the cosmos, everyone needs a BB to help them out.

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Get sucked up

Black Hole S10 by u/OwThatHertz

The Galaxy is filled with so many vast wonders, but this cosmic phenomenon is perfectly suited to the Galaxy S10's Infinity-O screen: a black home, sucking up everything in its range with an unending hunger.

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That's one small pinhole for man

Spaceman S10 by u/KhaleesiDragonMami

Drift away with this creative cropping of the classic drifting astronaut wallpaper, using our Spaceman's helmet to cover the pinhole cameras and the inky abyss of space to help sell the facade. Space wallpapers and Galaxy phones are made for each other, y'know?

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Two eyes are better than one

Mars Rover Galaxy S10+ by @Mattcabb

While Curiosity actually only has one camera up on its "face", not two, that's not as aesthetically appealing to us biclops freaks, so this Mars Rover wallpaper will let us give the hard-working robot two eyes via hole-punch cutout, but don't let anyone tell you you're ugly, Curiosity! You're a beautiful triumph of engineering and don't you ever forget it!!

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Get your Pixar on

WALL-E Galaxy S10+ by @Mattcabb

WALL-E is a wonderfully moving movie with excellent lessons about perseverance, caring for the planet, and perpetuating the stereotype of Twinkies surviving the apocalypse, but this WALL-E wallpaper is also a reminder that even rusty, old, outdated robots that have scavenged most of their parts off dead comrades can still be adorable!

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Sleeker, deadlier, and cuter

EVE S10+ by u/quanganh2001

WALL-E's love interest and kickass egg-shaped counterpart is EVE, the scout robot that suffers through the garbage robot's painfully awkward advances and then learns how idiotically compassionate he is after seeing what he did to her while she was in sleep mode. Anyway, EVE almost fits the S10+'s pill better than WALL-E does.

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Number 5 stupid name

Johnny5 Galaxy S10+ by @Mattcabb

Before there was WALL-E, there was Johnny5, a robot that got struck by lightning and somehow became sentient. Ah, the 80's, amirite? Nevertheless, Johnny5's proportions are perfect for Galaxy S10+'s dual-camera cutout, and to cap things off, it looks like he's waving to you from the home screen, asking you if he can join you for some hijinks.

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Bite my shiny metal case!

Bender Galaxy S10+ by @Mattcabb

Bender may not be the most useful robot around, but he is probably the best one to go drinking with. This foul-mouthed, foul-tempered bending unit is lazy, shifty, and at times downright evil, but deep down inside that 40% lucky robot, he's got a heart of gold— hey, wait a second, that's not his! BENDER!!! Who'd you steal this gold heart from?!?!

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Gotta love that slime!

That Time I Got Reincarnated as A Slime S10+ by u/OfficerOtaku

This anime has run away with my heart and I can't even be mad at how OP and adorable Rimuru is. Share your love of Rimuru with the world and hide your S10+'s cameras inside Ranga's star!

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Set Yourself Free

Minimalism Rapunzel S10+ by u/marioabirached

There are some Disney hole-punch wallpapers that hide the camera inside Stitch's nose or Mickey's ear, but I like this Rapunzel dangling wallpaper because it's minimalism at its finest and it also is a Disney take on a wallpaper we'd expect more from superheroes than princesses.

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What hole?

Cutout Pattern S10+ by u/subvisser

This geometric marvel helps hide your S10+'s pill-shaped cutout by covering the rest of your screen in cutouts of every shape and size, with a gentle gradient easing down the screen for a little more smoothness. This wallpaper comes in four color palettes, but this green/blue model is my personal favorite.

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The collection so far makes me exceedingly happy I've got a Galaxy S10 pre-ordered so that I can savor the BB-8 wallpaper as I watch the continued construction of the Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World, but I'm not going to lie, the urge to throw Bender on my home screen with a KWGT displaying his most famous catchphrase is very, very tempting. Another big thank you to Matt B and r/S10wallpapers subreddit for kicking off what will no doubt be a very fun series of wallpapers for the S10 and S10+.

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