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McAfee database security offers real-time protection for business-critical databases from all types of threats: external, internal, and even intra-database exploits.This software-based offering provides robust security, streamlined database security management, and continuous compliance without requiring architecture changes,costly hardware, or downtime. In other words, it's an efficient, affordable way to protect databases while preserving database performance and helping to ensure continuous business operations.

McAfee® Vulnerability Manager and McAfee Total Protection for Compliance are scheduled for End of Sale (EOS) on January 11th, 2016. For those customers that have both McAfee Vulnerability Manager appliances and McAfee Vulnerability Manager software (please see table below on affected SKUs) support will be for up to five years from the date of end of sale. The five-year support period will consist of up to three years support and two years of limited support. End of life and end of support will be effective January 11, 2021. Customers can renew support for McAfee Vulnerability Manager appliances and software during the fiveyear support period, but new license or appliance purchases during this time period will not be possible.
McAfee Vulnerability Manager for Databases (DVM) 4.x

DVM uses two components to discover data within database columns:
SQL Query:
This query runs against the database to return a list of table names that we need to scan.

This regular expression is used in the DVM engine to match against the data in the tables.
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